Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Filing Continues

After three days of work, the filing cabinets are now cleaned out! There are a few files that I've had in a box since the beginning of the school year that I now need to file and some lesson plans to complete, but that shouldn't take too long to complete.

 This drawer used to be completely full,  and now look! There's space at the back!

I've created a mess! (By the end of today's work, the recycle container was almost completely full (after three days of purging), yikes! I feel kind of guilty for throwing so much paper away. At least it gets recycled. I even found a few ditto copies!)

A close-up of my mess :)

Just about cleaned off... I also need to figure out the little stack on the counter. Some of those are lessons/activities for next week. I'm working on where to put daily lesson plans other than in a pile! I think what I'll do is file the other folders in the filing cabinet and put each days work in the metal folder holder like I had planned at the beginning of the year.

Here's the stack (in the overflowing brown box) I've been storing (elsewhere) of all the activities and worksheets (mostly masters) we've done since Sept! Also, the orange crate has the student files that need to have the stack on top filed. So much filing! Also, I'm going to actually move the student files one of the filing cabinet now that they have extra space. It'll be nice to have the extra space on the counter!

Now that I switched the reading table from one corner to the other and put the writing table in the spot where the reading table used to be, I'm going to switch out the writing bulletin board with the reading strategies board below.

The phonics wall is on the left with the reading strategy board on the right.

I think this may be for more writing anchor charts and student examples (I printed out the cues and taped them to the reading table so they can be used more efficiently). The wall was a nice idea, but not used as I had planned (students would make up the examples).

I also switched where the months of the year hung on the wall (sorry, no picture) to right above the calendar board instead of above the extra door. It fills in that area nicely. Now to figure out where to hang the adorable crayon wreath one of the parents made for me. I'm thinking above the bathroom door?