Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Show Project: Portraits

Here is a sampling of some of the art show portraits from 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades:

Ceramics Fresh from the Kiln

I checked the kiln before leaving school today. It was super hot still making the air wavy as I opened the top. Nestled inside where these fabulous treasures!
(There are two layers on the bottom half of the picture and only one layer on the top half of the picture.)
 Most of these treasures went home with their owners today. The broken ones will be sent to the ceramics hospital for the weekend :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


My students are in the middle of two units right now: ceramics and portrait drawing/painting. On Thursday, the first batch of glazed ceramics went into the kiln. I kept praying that nothing would end up sticking to the kiln since some glaze jobs had been applied more generously than the directions stated. I am pleased to announce that everything came up cleanly (no sticking)! When I opened the top Friday morning, my eyes lit up at all the pretty, shiny objects! I was sooo excited for the students and they were super excited too! Now that the pieces are shiny, the students finally believe they are glass :)

 The filled kiln - three shelves - a different shelf per class
 Can you see the three layers?
The ceramic hospital - these pieces actually broke before they were bisque fired (as greenware). They are now on the mend :) The bottom left piece in this picture is the same one on the top right side of the first picture after it was glaze fired.