Thursday, December 25, 2014

First Evaluation as a Second Grade Teacher!

Originally posted on 11/8/13

Today was my first teaching evaluation as an official second year teacher.* At some point today, I knew that the principal was going to come in to observe, but I didn't know when! Well, it ended up being about halfway through our language arts/writing lesson. I was super nervous when I saw her walk in with several of my students who had just come back from the bathroom. We were working on a SmartBoard interactive lesson that I found HERE. I'm glad it ended up being during this lesson. The students loved it! We actually didn't finish it and will work on the other parts next week, along with a game, and project or two :) I definitely felt all the prayers and support of my family and friends during the observation. The Spirit was so strong!

Note left on my desk afterward:

What fun it was to observe you teach today. You are such a kind, caring teacher & the kids are lucky to have you! Thank you for all your work with Troll Patrol & making character matter in your classroom.

Here are a few comments from my teaching evaluation today:

(engagement) Nice use of the SmartBoard and having the kids use the pointer. 
One of my students actually made the pointer. It has a sparkly gold pompom on the end :) 

(Organization) The organization of your room lends itself to ease of proximity. Students reflect the calm environment you have created.

(Schedule) Your specific posted schedule keeps students on-track with their own learning.

(Objective) Students are able to identify with the content they will be learning because your objectives are clearly posted in age appropriate terms.

(Content) Your instruction reflects the core. Students are engaged in learning the correct and appropriate material.

(Expectations) Your expectations for engagement are well established. 100% of students are focused and on-task.

(Time Limits) Your time limit of 3 seconds to move onto the next task is well established. 98% of students were focused and working within the 3 second time limit.
I had them turn and talk a couple of times, then counted down from 3 to 0 to get them back for the next part of the lesson.

*I've been teaching part-time and hourly since 2010 as a certified teacher. This is my fourth year when counting days/years gone by, but the state counts specific teaching hours, so it's officially considered my second year.