Saturday, June 13, 2015

Student Data Binder

STARS and Daily 5

The STARS summer school program on June 1st. I volunteered for the first week to see what it was like. I had been told it was quite amazing! I liked finally having the ability to watch how another teacher sets up a language arts time including guided reading groups. It was surprising how long everything took. In order to complete everything, it took a full three hours! That didn't even include a writing lesson, just free writing.

I took pictures of all of the bins/activities the teacher used the first week in order to remember to include at least some of these ideas for next year.

 Work on Writing:

Write postcards to students in the class

stencil stories

Word Work

Find and Highlight words you know

Magnet letters - create the sight words of the day

Stamp the sight words of the day

Review sight words with a partner

 Read to Someone

Partner reading - Readers Theatres 

 Listen to Reading

Kindles and stories on CD 

Light on - do not disturb!

Weekly checklist for Daily 5 - at least 5 of the 6 activities should be checked every day.

Weekly summary (she didn't do this the first week)

Another teacher posted this online - phonics sequence

My classroom is now in my spare room at home!