Thursday, December 25, 2014

Evaluations and Stuff

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Originally posted 12/4/13

3 teaching evaluations down, 3 more to go! 3 more weeks of the current math class, 1 more class to go. And, tomorrow, the last math training of 3 trainings done! Plus, even though my students have a sub tomorrow, they like her. Plus, they get to do a fun Christmas project during writing (Christmas stockings to hang on the "fireplace" and a letter to Santa - with niceties added where they need to ask how he is, tell him how they've been good, thank him for what they received last year, etc.) and will play a game during math (Earn a Dollar or Spend a Dollar). Several students have been assigned additional jobs tomorrow in order to help the sub find the supplies needed. They love being in charge. Playing peek-a-boo with second graders: During Monday recess,* I ended up with about 8 students following me at one point pretending to be my shadow. Whenever I turned around, they would hurry and move so that they stayed behind me. But! If I turned around really fast, then I could catch them standing behind me before they could adjust, and they would burst into fits of giggles!

In honor of my third teaching eval,** my class had the best math lesson about time yesterday! It even started with a bit of art: The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali (melting clocks). Even though there was an assessment piece in the lesson, the real life assessment came when I told my students that since it was an inside lunch recess today, that they had to stay in the lunchroom until 11:45. It was nice to know that they knew what that meant and could actually follow that direction!

The other really nice part about this lesson is that I was able to use it as one of the required lesson plans/final presentation for my Math Endorsement class, yay!

A week into the school year, the school brought in another portable. Usually there isn't anything in portables when they're shipped to their new home, but this time, it was full of all sorts of treasure! Included was three paper box size boxes full of crayons! I, of course, new that I just had to try giving them a new life! About a week ago, a few of my students and my nephews helped to get some crayons ready to melt down and make into new crayons. 

The small ones were made last Friday with Gabe and Sam. A few of the little fish ended up making it out of the mold without breaking, but Gabe's nija-like stars didn't make it :( The metal molds definitely worked out way better than the ice cube trays (the flexible kind). Be sure to spray the pans! The students were given the opportunity to "buy" them at the class store this past Monday.*** They were a BIG hit! Plus, I "sold" them really cheap, which is always popular!
Photo: New old crayons: the small ones were made yesterday with Gabe and Sam :) Hopefully theirs will turn out soon too!

*This actually happens rather often with a few students. I'm not sure how it all started though! They think it's hilarious though!

**Comments from this eval:
"You have great management."
"Oh, good job, you had all the kids walking the time (clock walk - room size pretend clock)!!! Yahoo!
"Your pacing was very efficient today! Nice transitions and time limits. Such high levels of engagement!
"It pleases me so much to see the growth in pacing, timed responses, and all aspects of student engagement! You wowed me today!!!"
Later that day, she told another teacher that he should've seen me teach. "She's a rock star!"
I so love my job! One of my students gave me a note a couple weeks ago that said she will miss me when she goes to third grade. Aw! I will miss her too. Maybe I can teach third next year and keep my class???

***Once a month, the class gets to use their tickets (classroom management tool) to buy fun little trinkets. They donate their old stuff, and I make some coupons for classroom privileges and whatever else I happen to have. If they're selling their own stuff, then they get to choose how much to sell it for, and earn more tickets. It's pretty funny to watch some of the transaction :)