Friday, December 26, 2014

Science Demo Team

Originally posted 9/18/14

This morning one of the first graders was extra excited for science today - 

Student: "Teacher!!! When is science??? When is SCIENCE?????? I've never been teached science before!!! When is ScIEenCe???"

Me: " In about 10 mins!"

As soon as the 10 minutes was up, we walked over to Mrs. Skillicorn's classroom to have SCIENCE! 

This year, the first graders have Science Demo Team. Science Demo Team is made up of a group of about 20 sixth graders. These students are divided into two teams - one AM team and a PM team. They stay after school and work with a sixth grade teacher who teaches them to present a first grade science topic. There is about a 10 minute direct instruction/introduction, and then about 20 minutes for the experiment. We have the team work with us about eight times over the year. The lessons and experiments are super fun! The students love having science with the sixth graders! We, of course, supplement these lessons with additional lessons throughout the year. 

Today was our FIRST! Science Demo Team experience. The students learned about how scientists use their five senses to identify an object. The object this time was in a Styrofoam cup covered with tinfoil that had a small hole in the middle. The students weighed it, took its temperature, smelled it (wafting), tasted it with their eyes closed, and listened to soda fizzing. Most of them loved the treat, although one seemed very suspicious and wouldn't try it. Maybe next time!