Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's That Time Again!

Wow! Where did the summer go? I hope you all had a fabulous summer and are excited to create some awesome art this year! There are ever so many projects floating around in my mind and written down in my art notebook :) Is there anything specific that you'd like to do this year?

Here is a list of a few projects so far on our docket this year:

1. Artist/Art History Introductions
2. Painting
3. Batik prints
4. Drawing
5. Friday Fun Activities
6. Ceramics
7. Op-Art
8. Sculptures
9. Student Choice ?

Also, if your project is done each Friday, we will have Friday Fun activities. These will be student choice and will consist of specific projects/games that can be completed mostly independent of the teacher's help.

In order to earn Friday Fun activities, students must be done with their weekly project and earn Fun Friday tickets.

Friday Fun tickets are earned by listening during instructions, remembering to raise your hand to ask questions/answer questions, following project directions, helping classmates, being quiet in line and while working, and any and all good behavior.

The top five students may also earn Soaring Seagulls or Kisses from the principal.

From time to time a Fun Friday Ticket may be taken away, but hopefully more tickets will be earned. Students will help decide what actions will facilitate tickets being taken away.

Students will put their name on the ticket and keep it in their folder until Friday during instructions. Those earning the most tickets will pick their activity first and on down the line. Students with only a few tickets will be asked what they can do to earn more tickets the next week they have art class and then choose an activity that's left.

Friday Fun tickets will change colors every three weeks (students rotate through specialties every three weeks) so that it will be easy to tell when the tickets were earned.

Activities to choose from include:
1. Art Games - up to 4 students
2. Play dough - up to 8 students (two different tables)
3. Free draw - unlimited students
4. Make your own project using materials in the Fun Friday boxes (2 boxes - these are subject to change from time to time); e.g., coloring supplies, paper, scissors, and glue. - up to 8 students (two different tables)
5. Teacher's pet project - to be announced from time to time; e.g., spinning art, chalk and water, wheel thrown ceramics (only during ceramics unit), etc. - up to 4 students