Friday, December 26, 2014

But It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet!

Originally posted 11/25/14

Yes, we decorated for Christmas already! Since everyone wanted to take their Thanksgiving projects home by today, and since it'll be December when we get back, we started making Christmas decor. I love it! It's so bright and cheery :)

The students' names are written on each ornament with permanent marker, then traced by the student in glue, and finally, sprinkled with glitter. Most of them also added a few extra polka dots or designs. They're super sparkly and cute hanging from the classroom ceiling!

Our Christmas trees! They turned out fabulously! It's fun to see how different they all are, even though the instructions and materials provided were all the same. They all have such fun personalities!

Green construction paper. Cut the long way, then the short way, then the long way, then the short way...keep going! When you're done, order the pieces from biggest to smallest with the biggest piece at the bottom of the tree. Decide how many branches you want or how many will fit on the trunk (approx. 2" strip of brown construction paper that I cut for them while they cut out the branches). Glue the branches onto the trunk, then decorate as desired! The stars are a die cut.