Friday, December 26, 2014

Wait, Did You Feel That???

Originally posted on 11/12/14

I just felt the Earth move!!

Last Wednesday, about every two hours, we went outside and drew an outline of our shadows. It was very confusing the second time because the original shadow outline was not where the shadow was this time, what???

The third time we went out, it wasn't quite as shocking, just interesting. But why did the shadow move?

Today, the students discussed what they observed over the three shadow experiences. They came up with some great insights. One student made the connection of the movement of the shadows to the movement of the clock! That led to talking about a sun dial. Other students talked about how the shadow had moved every time we went out and that the shadows became shorter each time.

Finally, we used our projector as the sun and the globe as the Earth and talked about how the Earth rotates. We are actually always moving! "Wait, are you serious???" Each time we noticed the shadow had moved, it also showed us that the Earth had moved! Whoa!

Then, of course, we had to make shadow puppets!