Friday, December 26, 2014

Gingerbread Exchange

Originally posted 12/18/14

Today, we made gingerbread boys and girls. Then the craziest thing happened!! They all ran away while we were at specialties! After searching and searching, we finally found them, whew! Once we had them back, we wrote about their adventure, and then sent them them off to Ohio for our great Gingerbread Exchange! We're excited to receive a new batch of gingerbread people from our exchange school in North Olmstead, Ohio.

These gingerbread people sure are sneaky! At least they left us a note!

They hid in the office!

They hid in the hall!

They hid in a classroom,

But that's not all!

Finally, they were all squished into an envelope and sent on their way!

We received a package from Ohio of well cooked gingerbread people and a story too!

Oops, it's sideways! Those gingerbread people sure do like to play tricks!