Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Guided Math

For the last couple years, I've thought about math centers or something like that. Something that would look a lot like guided reading. That way students would be able to get the extra support they need to continue to progress. Well, I finally found some information on how a couple other teachers set up guided math and their reasoning, and now I'm going to take the plunge! I'm so excited!! It's going to be awesome! Plus, I'm quite certain that the students will like it immensely :)

Here's the basic idea:

Students who need extra support before going to independent work can continue to work in the small group setting. This should work for all of the groups. Typically I have a max of eight that ask for more help. There are others who also finish really fast and need some extension. This way, no matter where students' abilities are, they'll get the support they need. I love it!

I could go to more than three groups, but I'd have to double up on the Guided Math for at least two of those groups. After the second week, I'll see where we are and make changes as needed. Now to revamp social studies and science!