Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 4 of Organizing

This is how the phonics board turned into the writing board looks now. I'm thinking that I'll switch the topics and alphabet charts to the far right side instead. There was a bunch of stuff in the corner that I hadn't planned to move, but then I did move it and now it's so bare! The "How Did I Do" rubric is now where the reading strategies use to be.

The rubric use to be on the purple bordered board. I'm planning to use that as our anchor charts for writing.

I decided to move the center bins on the counter. I'm still not sure about their placement...

This is the board that use to have the writing labels, but now, as you can see, it's the reading strategy board. Some community helpers are lending their reading expertise :)

This adorable wreath that a parent made needs to find a happy place in the room too.

This idea popped into my mind a couple days ago in answer to a prayer about how to add in some extra assessment during math lessons. No matter what math center they're at, when I say "pop quiz" we'll take a one question quiz to see where everyone is in their understanding of the day's concept(s). Perhaps we'll use it for other subjects as well!

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