Thursday, December 25, 2014

Plants and Stuff

Originally post 2/27/14

(our plant experiment - 
they finally grew flowers and even a few seed pods!)

Next week we start science rotations! There will be five different science units, split between the five second grade teachers = one for each of us! I will be teaching matter and gravity. I was rather nervous since I didn't know what about those two concepts I'd actually teach, but now that I've started to research, I'm actually really excited! There are so many cool experiments to do that pretty much the whole time can be hands on, perfect!

These twirly rainbows with hanging pots of gold are our new ceiling decor for March :) They look complicated, but were pretty easy to put together. They ended up being just what I wished for! Most of the kiddos like them, but they might be a little girly for a few of the boys ;)

One morning this week, one of the cute girls came to class late, but was holding these flowers, which she then handed me. Aw! Aren't they pretty?
The same day, another student gave me this yummy Valentine that she forgot to bring to school on Valentine's Day. My students are the best!