Thursday, December 25, 2014

Classroom Additions

Originally posted on 11/7/13

Tomorrow is my first official teacher evaluation/observation! The principal gave all of us who are up for an observation a checklist of what she'll be looking for. This then prompted the addition of a few little details into the evolving progression of my classroom.

 A more detailed view of each "workshop" listed in the purple frames, the the day's objective for math and language arts.
The schedule was already here, but I needed to add the clocks, although my students are just learning how to tell time. I do like the idea. Hopefully those who always ask when we do certain things, most commonly asked are "When is lunch?"  "When do we go to specialties?" or, for the later gators, "When do we go home?" will just know by looking at the clocks! :)

Wish me luck tomorrow!