Thursday, December 25, 2014

Learning to Write

Welcome to First Grade!

I don't remember learning how to write. Do you?

In high school, I recall writing papers and learning about outlines and such, but how did I learn to write a sentence? How did I learn how to write a paragraph? It must have been taught in elementary school, but I really don't recall. I wonder if my students will remember learning to write - some will for sure, due to their telling me how much they like writing. But what about the rest? Will it be a mystery to them?

Next year, I'll be teaching itty bitty little first graders who are just beginning to write. This brings us to my newest purchase...Project Read's Written Expression. I love this program! When I taught summer school with SensaLearn two years ago, they paid for the teachers to be trained in this program. It was awesome!
Even after the Reading Endorsement class on writing, which I loved, I wondered how to teach the foundational writing skills. Well, this was it! It starts with two word sentences and builds easily to complex sentences. Without the book, I taught the major points of the program this year, but now, with the book, watch out! Next year's students are going to rock this writing thing!
This is what I bought (Framing Your Thoughts Sentence Structure Guide, Applied Writing Guide, and Companion DVDs)

I'm thinking that I'll make my own version using a lamination, file folders, cardstock, and velcro. It'll last longer that way! First graders and sticky notes? Uh, yeah, that's kinda crazy!

The Written Expression curriculum...focuses on the art of sentence and paragraph development, using multisensory and sequential instruction to develop the basic skills of writing. Activities center on eight graphic symbols that explain sentence structure in a concrete manner. These activities evolve sequentially from simple to complex sentence-building, and ultimately to paragraph composition. ProjectRead