Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flags as Art

Several artists have used flags in their artworks. The first artist that immediately comes to mind is Jasper Johns. The students will explore a few artists who have used flags in their artwork. We will also discover the symbolic reasons to create flags and a basic history of flags from around the world. Lastly, the students will create their own personal flags using symbolic meaning.

Mexican Celebration Week!

Due to Cinco de Mayo coming up this next week, I thought it would be fun and appropriate to have a week of Mexican art!. Throughout the week, we will concentrate on a few different Mexican artists and artworks. I plan to add pictures and details of our Mexican art journey by week's end. I'm excited to share Mexican art with the students!

Monday - Market Day (PDF p. 40), types of Mexican foods, make fancy painted paper for fruits

Tuesday - Cinco de Mayo review - Masks by Juan Horta Castillo

Wednesday - Market Day (PDF p. 40), types of Mexican foods, create our market day collages

Thursday - Cinco de Mayo review - Masks by Juan Horta Castillo

Friday - Kindergarten - Mexican flowers - Dahlias


The first through third graders made images of Market Day using colored papers and simple shapes to make complex shapes. I got the idea from HERE. Then I added in my own flair by showing the students the Visit Mexico poster and an image of a Mexican market (pg. 40).

Finally, in honor of Mexican Celebration week AND Mother's Day, the Kindergartners made flower bouquets using Dahlias, the official flower of Mexico. I drew the flowers and stems and had them copied for the Kindergartners. They then cut everything out and colored the flowers (the stems were copied onto green paper).