Wednesday, October 6, 2010


For the month of October, and possibly a week or so of November, we will be concentrating on painting! Grades first through second will be concentrating on Autumn (Fall) landscapes. Third through sixth grade will be using grids to draw and then paint the Halloween/fall still-life, which is currently decorating our art room. We will be looking at a variety of still-lifes; however, we will concentrate on still-lifes from Northern Europe, especially the Netherlands and Finland. The still-lifes from these areas tend to be referred to as vanitas still-lifes.

Still-life with Candle by Picasso

The sixth grade will be learning about linear/one-point perspective. This will be accomplished by studying the architecture of China (as seen in the famous handscroll: The Spring Festival Along the River, by Zhang Zeduan of the North Song Dynasty), pre-Colombian Mexico and South America, and Modern North America. The sixth grade students will then complete the still-life project which is currently decorating the art room.*

Grades 1 - 6 will study the Elements of Art (see individual postings under September): line, shape, space, color, and value (light and dark -i.e. shadows).

Kindergarten will enjoy a range of Halloween/fall painting activities and will continue to study the Elements of Art: line, shape, space, and color. We will be concentrating on color this month and how mixing yellow and red can make many different shades of orange and almost yellow/red. HERE is a fun chart where you can use your mouse to see how the colors change when mixed.

*The still-life created will be using monochromatic coloring (or close) and will look something like this:
Still-life: Boxes and Art Room Supplies by Miss Siglin, 1992