Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meet Fluffy!

the First Grade chick! We love him/her. :) The other two died right before coming completely out of their shells. It was sad.

Last night, two chicks seemed to be on their way, but sometime during the night, they died. We are all so sad! We do have one very cute chick that has been named fluffy.

When the students arrived this morning, before I said anything about the chicks, Fluffy let everyone know that (s)he had hatched. They all ran over to see our baby!

Back to the safety and warmth of the heating light.

Our chick house had some difficulty staying warm enough, so Fluffy stayed with Mrs. Smith's chicks during reading, but now we're all good! The incubator is turned upside down to provide heat for our chick house, but it wasn't warm enough, so with some teacher supplies (transparency sheets, a sheet protector, and a small garbage bag) all taped together with some of our paint shirts on top for insulation, we were finally at the required temp of 100* F.

We voted on a name after lunch.