Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mustache Fun!

My students and I made mustaches for Movember today :) We also learned about symmetry and asymmetry. Mustaches are usually symmetrical. Faces are also usually pretty symmetrical. Artists use symmetry in their art.

Here are some images I printed for them to use (images found on Google images):
This is the one that I printed and cut out to use as the right size. Then I used some of the following ideas and others that I can't find now along with the sizing of the first one (width-wise). The students LOVED them!

At the end, I connected pipe cleaners as a stick so the students could hold them up to their faces (it's what was available in the classroom supplies). After some trial and error, I found that if you cut a small piece of paper and wrapped and glued it around the pipe cleaner, then glued the paper to the paper, it's much easier and stays in place faster. Pipe cleaners don't like to be glued to things!

Here's a simple step by step of how I eventually decided to apply the pipe cleaners/sticks: