Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Suncrest Art Show!

We are excited to be having an art show at the end of the year; check for more details in the coming weeks! We look forward to showing off all of the students' hard work this past year.

Each student will make a tag stating their name, the title of their artwork, and a little bit about the art that will be included in the art displays. Art will be displayed according to class. Here's the breakdown according to grade level and class of the basic ideas for each grade level's involvement in the art show:

Kindergarten - The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

First Grade - Cultural Masks

The first graders were privileged to participate in a special presentation by Mrs. Dowler who taught them all about Korean masks. We are now using our new knowledge to make our own Korean masks. Koreans use masks as part of plays. Masks are mainly red (young man), black (old person), white (young woman), or animal-like (i.e. lions and monkeys).

Second Grade - Cultures

Class 1 - Jataka Tales (India) - printing
Class 2 - Jamaica - paintings (bright colors, people, fish, water, plants, trees, fruit, houses, etc.)
Class 3 - Africa - weaving (Kente cloth)

Third Grade - Sculptures

Class 1 - Claes Oldenburg
Class 2 - Dale Chihuly
Class 3 - Andrew Calder

Fourth Grade - Papermaking/basketry

Option 1 - Jessica Stockholder
Option 2 - Egyptian (classic meets modern)
Option 3 - basketry (Native American)
They will also help set up the art show

Fifth Grade - Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

A play complete with backdrops of student art work

Sixth Grade - Fabric Arts